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100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary

Kirby Company Releases New 100th Anniversary Cleaning System, Avalir

sam. 25 avril 2015

Multi-Surface Shampoo System for Hard Floors
A gentle rotary mop cleans hardwood, tile and vinyl with ease. Try the ready-to-use spray cleaner for delicate floors or small areas, or use the shampoo tank with concentrated cleaner for large areas.

Floor Polisher
Apply a lustrous shine to hard floor surfaces using the Multi- Surface Shampoo System with the optional Miracle Shine kit. This special rotary mop applies a thin layer of polymer to floors leaving a long-lasting glossy finish.

Multi-Surface Shampoo System for Tile Floors
Uneven tile floors and difficult-to-clean grout lines are no match for the system thanks to the optional tile and grout kit. The multi-level bristles reach into all the nooks and crannies to chase dirt away.

The Avalir brings a deep-down clean, superior airflow and excellent HEPA filtration which traps common household allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander and more for a truly clean home.  In addition to its superior vacuuming capabilities, the system can easily be converted into a carpet shampooer.

The updated shampoo attachment is easier to use and has achieved new heights in cleaning ability. It was awarded Gold Certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute for:

  • Soil removal
  • Water removal
  • Resists Re-soiling
  • Does not affect carpet dyes or fibers

About The Kirby Company
For generation after generation, The Kirby Company has risen to the dust challenge and exceeded our customers’ expectations with each of the Kirby vacuum models we’ve built. We continue to utilize technological innovations that enhance the quality, reliability and performance of each successive Kirby vacuum.

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Meeting à PAris

mar. 18 avril 2017

REUNION Distributeurs

lun. 19 décembre 2016

meeting paris

sam. 23 avril 2016

découverte et convivialité

DPS School

dim. 28 février 2016

Meeting à Paris

dim. 21 février 2016

Découvrir les différentes agences de la division.

VIP insbruck

jeu. 28 janvier 2016

Pour les vendeurs et distributeurs

MEETING des distributeurs

dim. 17 janvier 2016

mise en place SAV et site internet pour nos clients

résultat du tirage au sort du jeu concours de janvier 2016

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réalisé par notre huissier


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Découvrir toutes les agences de la division.

Une nouvelle agence depuis le mois de Septembre

mar. 01 septembre 2015

KBS distribution, nouveau distributeur dans le 47

100th Anniversary

sam. 25 avril 2015

Kirby Company Releases New 100th Anniversary Cleaning System, Avalir

The Kirby Company has released a new 100th anniversary cleaning system, the Avalir. Equipped with all of the features that customers have come to know and love about other Kirby systems, the Avalir has added improved qualities with sleek styling and fresh lines to make the system more attractive and easier to handle. Especially noteworthy are the new hard floor cleaning capabilities.

Kirby Distributor Makes Boy’s Birthday Wish Come True

mar. 20 janvier 2015

The Kirby business is more than a vacuum business, it is a people business

Many of Kirby salespeople have “Kirby” stories that they look forward to sharing with their family, friends, and colleagues. The Kirby business is more than a vacuum business, it is a people business, and many of these stories involve touching the lives of others, whether directly or indirectly. The Kirby Company is privileged to share a story involving independent distributor Al Archie of Fredericksburg, Virginia and a fourteen-year-old young man named Dylan Greene.


Accueil sympathique et professionnel

Daniel B , bordeuax
jeu. 21 avril 2016

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